A mom, Melissa Work, shared a heartwarming story about her little boy’s small but meaningful kindness act:

My 6-year-old son, Blake, walked into my room after he was supposed to be in bed. He wanted to talk. As frustrating as it can be, I always remember this quote that said, “If you don’t listen to the little things, they’ll never tell you the big things”. So, I let him crawl in with me and we talked for a few minutes. I was laying out the next day for him and then I mentioned that he would also need to clean his room after he woke up. He looked at me and said, “Ugh Mom. But that’s a lot of mess. That’s a lot of toys to pick up.” I then explained to him that all of those toys were blessings. That there were many kids out there who didn’t have that many toys, and some had none. His face dropped, it hit him and that really really hurt his heart. He told me that hurt his “heartbeat” and then says, “Wait. I have an idea.” He got up out of my bed, ran into my bathroom and grabbed a TV tray I have next to my bath tub. He drags it into my room and tells me, “We can have kind of like a lemonade stand. I can give them my toys. They can have mine. That’s a great idea right Mom?” My eyes watered and I felt so convicted. I told him we would discuss it in the morning, but that I loved his huge heart. He went to bed.

Blake wanted to give away his toys for kids who didn’t have as many as he did, so he decided to set up a “Free Toy” stand by our house
He chose few of his toys to donate and sat at the stand. Blake first gave away his favorite robot to a contractor working on the house across the street who promised to send it to his a grandson in Belize

The next family that came by was the sweetest. It was a Mom and her 2 kids. But this time, they came to bring Blake 2 new toys and, in exchange, took one of his.

The next family had mentioned to me that they did not have much. But, they simply wanted to stop by for the books so Blake ended up giving away 4 of his favorite books.

And last, Blake’s kindergarten teacher stopped by. She wanted to come support him and tell him how proud she was of him.

He ended up donating the rest of the toys to his school, for the kids to earn with good behavior.

He never left his stand. He even brought out his little couch to rest on, that way he wouldn’t miss anyone.

This is Blake. This is his heart. He’s a humanitarian. He hurts deeply when others hurt. He’s the first to give and the last to take. He will make sure everyone else in the room has what he was just given. It’s just simply, him. He thanks me for cleaning the house. Begs his Gigi and Papa to bring along his little sister on a date that he has earned with good behavior, just so she is not left out. He will open the door for you and wish you a good day. He’s just something special. We teach him that kindness can make a difference. That it can change the world. That we should love one another, care for one another, and be kind to one another. That day I cried more tears than I have in a long time. He convicted me. He inspired me. He made us proud. This day was just another day for him, it just happened to have gotten more attention.

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