A random act of beautiful and anonymous charity in the Saudi Arabian city of Hail has come to light after notable Saudi cleric Sheikh Mohamad al-Arefe tweeted about it to his 8.7 million followers on Twitter.

A anonymous man came up with an idea to feed needy people in his neighbourhood while sparing them the “shame” of begging by installed a refrigerator on the street in front of his house and invited neighbors to donate their extra food, so that hungry people could come and eat.


This “Charity Refrigerator” now serves as a food donation drop-off and pick-up point, sparing the needy the embarrassment and difficulty of begging and giving those who have surplus food a convenient way to donate.



The story took off after leading Saudi Muslim cleric Sheikh Mohamad al-Arefe tweeted his approval: “I’ve always said the people of Hail are generous. A man puts a fridge outside his house for leftover food; an indirect act of charity for the needy. Oh how I love you, Hail!”

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